Playing Fields Liaison Committee

Playing Fields Liaison Committee

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The PFLC is made up representatives from the PC, Allotment Society and Tennis, Bowls, Cricket & Football  Clubs. It receives annual grants from the PC towards upkeep and manages the Playing Fields area, with the exception of the Play Area which is managed by the Parish Council.

updated playing fields maintenance plan April 2022

Playing Fields Liaison Committee Terms of Reference 2022

The PFLC normally meets at 7:30pm in the Bowls Club on the first Tuesday of alternate months.

Club members and Cawood parishioners are welcome to attend meetings by prior arrangement: please contact Cawood Parish Council Clerk

2022 meeting dates are:

Feb 1st, April 5th (including AGM), June 7th, August 2nd, October 4th, December

PFLC minutes June 7th 2022 (3)

PFLC Payments and Contributions

PFLC Agenda , June 2022

PFLC AGM minutes April 5th 2022

PFLC minutes , 5th April 2022

PFLC AGM Aril 2022

PFLC Agenda , April 2022

PFLC-MInutes-February 1st 2022

PFLC Agenda February 2022 (1)

Meetings for 2021 were scheduled for:

Feb 2nd, April 6th, June 1st,August 3rd,October 5th, December 7th

Meetings resumed August 3rd 2021

PFLC-MInutes-December 7th 2021 (2)

PFLC-MInutes-October 2021 (2)

minutes Aug 2021- Feb 2022

PFLC-MInutes-August 2021 (2)

Updates in lieu of meetings due to Covid 19 measures preventing meetings April 2021-

PFLC-updates-in-lieu-of-June-2021-meeting-1 (1)

Playing-Fields-Maintenance-Plan-2 (1)

PFLC updates in lieu of April 2021 meeting (1)

The meetings in 2020 were scheduled to be held :

Feb. 4th, April 7th, June 2nd, Aug.4th, Oct.6th, Dec. 1st


Playing football matches resumes Aug 1st, guidelines below:

Bowls Club: covid risk assesment

General Notice:

Cawood Parish Council – Playing Fields RevA (

Playing Fields Maintenance Plan (2)

Cricket Pavillion Fire Procedure 2019 (1)

PFLC consent form

Updates in lieu of meetings due to Covid 19 measures preventing meetings April 2020- March 2021:

PFLC updates in lieu Feb 2021

PFLC updates in lieu of Dec 2020 mtg

Oct 2020 PFLC report in lieu of mtg (1)

Updates in lieu of PFLC August 2020

Updates in lieu of PFLC June 2020 meeting (2)

PFLC Updates in lieu of meeting April 2020 (Lesley Dennon)

Minutes April 2019- March 2020


PFLC minutes April 3rd 2019

PFLC minutes June 4th 2019

minutes PFLC meeting Aug 6th 2019 (1)

PFLC Minutes Oct 2019

PFLC Minutes December 2019

PFLC Minutes February 4th 2020


Minutes April 2018-March 2019

PFLC april 18 AGM minutes

PFLC minutes may 18

PFLC Mtg minutes July 2018

PFLC minutes Sept 2018

PFLC minutes, Nov 6th 2018


PFLC extraordinary mtg March 5th 2019


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