Tree Maintenance


The Parish Council has in its care several mature trees which are in need of regular maintenance to keep them healthy. In some cases, the trees may be past the point where they can safely be retained.

In recent years we have endeavoured to obtain regular professional advice from an arboriculturist and experienced tree surgeons.

We also have a duty of care with regard to the safety of the public. Whilst we have tree report recommendations, not every eventuality can be covered, so some decisions must be made in addition to the reports. Over the summer, some large branches have fallen at the Garth and Playing Fields.

When trees we own are in the Conservation Area or have Tree Preservation Orders then we must apply for permission to Selby District Council for treeworks. We also endeavour to respect the bird nesting period.

Currently, we are working on trees at the Playing Fields and later the Garth, Gill Green and Cemetery. This is the correct time of year to cut, coppice, fell etc. Our Handyman deals with most treeworks, but outside contractors will be coppicing the large willows at the Garth pond when the footpath will be closed temporarily for access.

Branches cut and left at the Garth are to encourage wildlife habitats, which we ask you to respect, but when left at the other sites, may be taken by residents.s

SDC Consultation on Local Plan Proposals, comment deadline March 12th 2021

live consultation events Feb 11th and 16th

Consultation launched: Preferred Options Selby District Local Plan (2021)

We are holding a six week consultation between 29 January and 12 March 2021 for the Preferred Options Local Plan 2021.

Consultation Events

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we are hosting two virtual public meetings. The purpose of these sessions will be to provide information about the Local Plan including the proposed “preferred” sites. These sessions will also provide members of the public with a chance to ask questions. Use the links below to attend the meetings.

11 February 2021 (Starts at 6:30pm)

Join live event

16 February 2021 (Starts at 6:30pm)

Join live event

You will be able to join the links in advance of the meeting starting.

Should you have any issues accessing the live event please contact the Planning Policy Team by: email to; or by phone to 01757 292134.

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Consultation on proposals to transform the Selby Station area ends March 24th 2021

Consultation is now under way on proposals to transform the Selby Station area. Proposals in Selby include improved station frontage and links to the town centre, Abbey and bus station; improved walking and cycling links to major redevelopment sites, including a new cycle and footbridge over the River Ouse to the Olympia Park site.

A partnership of local authorities succeeded in a bid for funding to the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund (TCF). The TCF aims to make it easier, safer and quicker for people to travel on foot, by bike and by public transport. The project will be delivered by a partnership of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, North Yorkshire County Council and Selby District Council and is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

A public consultation on the proposals is running until 24 March 2021. People can read more about the proposals and complete the surveys at

In addition, online public events will enable people to hear more about the projects and to ask questions before completing the survey. These take place on:

·       4 and 12 March.

Both will start at 6pm. Find out how to join at

Public feedback will help to shape the next stage of the project plans.

Cawood PC Objection to Stillingfleet Waste Transfer Proposals

We wish not only to re-iterate our strong objections to the proposal but also ask that due consideration be given to the weight of local opinion against this development. 
The Planning Officer’s report dismisses concerns and objections without due regard to the groundswell of local voices speaking out so vehemently against this proposal.
(Sent Feb 18th 2021)
(Original objections submitted Oct 2018) 

Dear Sirs
Cawood Parish Council object to application NY/2016/0251/FUL proposing a Waste Transfer Station at the former
Stillingfleet Mine site. We do so for the following reasons:
1. The planning consent for this site and the other Selby Coalfield sites required the sites to be returned to
agriculture when mining finished. This should be done. To allow a subsequent development to piggyback
on the fact that the land has not been returned to agriculture is to perpetuate an injustice. As a bare
minimum the application should be considered as if this were a Greenfield site
2. The application includes screening and outdoor storage of 75,000T of material. This will inevitably lead to a
noise and dust nuisance as the material is tipped, picked up, screened and re-handled. This is all heavy
industrial work
3. The 50 additional HGV movements per day will place an additional burden on local infrastructure. Of
particular concern to us is Cawood Bridge. NYCC have recently spent £1m refurbishing the bridge but it
remains an essentially Victorian structure and has a 10T weight limit. There have been many problems in
the past with enforcing the weight limit and rogue vehicles are still a problem. The temptation for vehicles
bringing waste from the Sherburn direction to use Cawood Bridge as a shortcut rather than going round
through either Selby or Tadcaster will inevitably prove too much for some drivers leading to damage to the
bridge and further expense for NYCC
4. When the coalfield was in operation all coal was removed at Gascoigne Wood, not at Stillingfleet or the
other four shaft sites which were for men and equipment access only. The proposed HGV movements and
surface handling of material are both far in excess of what the NCB and subsequently British Coal were
allowed to do during mining operations. In these important respects the proposed development would
have more impact than the mining operations so to allow it would be a retrograde step

(and further submissions July 2019 in tandem to Escrick PC submission)


Planning Application NY/2016/0251/FUL: planning application for the purposes of the change of use of part of the former coal mine site to create a waste transfer for construction and demolition wastes, installation of a weighbridge, a skip storage area, portable amenity cabin (30 sq. metres) and the provision of car parking spaces at Former Stillingfleet Mine Site, Escrick Road, Stillingfleet

SDC Planning Consultations: individual letters to neighbours will no longer be sent out.

From January 1st 2021,  a notable difference to planning consultations will be that whilst Selby District Council  will continue to put up site notices to notify local people about planning applications, individual letters to neighbours will no longer be sent out.

This change will be reviewed by SDC in six months.

Please let your Parish Council know of any problems encountered to help us in evidencing the impact. 


A full copy of the document can be seen at


Electrical Safety in the home: free advisory visits from NY Fire & Rescue Service

electrical safety

North Yorks fire safety advice line, and to arrange a free advisory visit: 01609 788545

Electricity is a cause of over 20,000 fires in UK homes every year.
89% of these fires are caused by electrical products 11% are
caused by faults in electrical installations or misuse of electrical
The top 5 products that cause the most fires are
1. Electrical cooking appliances such as cookers and microwaves
2. Laundry appliances
3. Electrical lighting
4. Portable heaters
5. Televisions

National Census March 21st

Census Day – Sunday 21 March 2021
Census day is peeping over the horizon. Letters telling you about the census may
already have dropped on your doormat.
An advance card will explain that the census is taking place on Sunday, March 21. Every
household will then be sent a letter with a digital access code. This code will let you fill
out the questionnaire online.
This is a digital-first census. The hope is that most people will go online. You will be able
to complete the questionnaire on your tablet, smartphone or computer. This should not
be difficult, and everything has been made as straightforward as possible.
However, the census does realise that some people are not confident online or may not
have access to a computer. If this is the case, do not worry. You can request to have a
paper copy and fill the census in as you always have done in the past.
You can complete the questionnaire before, on or after March 21, but it is the law that
you do complete the census. Failure to do so risks a fine of £1,000.
Further help will be available by phoning the helplines going live soon and by visiting the
census website.
The information gathered by the census is vital for shaping so many aspects of our
society, including education, transport and healthcare.
Although Census 2021 will be familiar to anyone who has filled out a questionnaire in the
past, new questions have been added.
For the first time, the census will count armed forces veterans. This will allow the central
and local government to better understand the profiles and needs of the ex-military
community. This in turn will allow for stepped up services for veterans, with better data
and understanding allowing for more targeted and efficient support.
There are also new questions on sexual orientation and gender identity. These
questions are voluntary for people aged 16 and over.
There is no robust data available on gender identity. These data are needed by local
authorities and service providers to inform the provision of services. The sexual
orientation and gender identity questions will be voluntary for people aged 16 and over.
You can find more information at
Julian Cole| Census Engagement Manager for York, Ryedale and Scarborough | Office
for National Statistics | +44 (0)7452 942554 | |

  • The census
    is here
  • We’re making it easy
    for everyone to take part.
  • We will send you a letter
    with an access code.
  • Visit our secure website
    and enter your access
    code to get started.
  • If you can, offer help to family and friends
    who need support to fill in the form.
  • If you need help, visit @Census2021





Welcome to our new Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Cawood Parish Council are delighted to introduce our new Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Susie Gowlett, who started working for us on January 4th 2021.

Image preview

Initially, Susie’s hours will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings (1930-2130), and Fridays (0900-1300)

She has a new phone for council use, the number is 07541 434569

and her email address is

Susie grew up in Cawood and lives in the village with her family.


SDC support in lockdown

Detailed service information, as well as information about the support for businesses and residents in the district is available on

Selby and Tadcaster Leisure Centres and Summit Indoor Adventure are closed.

Waste and recycling collections continue as normal.

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister, Selby District Council is reassuring residents and businesses that it will continue to support local communities after further national restrictions were introduced.

Leader of Selby District Council, Cllr Mark Crane, said, “We’re seeing an alarming rise in cases across the country and that situation is mirrored here in the Selby district. We must all remember to follow the advice to wear face coverings, wash our hands and follow social distancing advice.

“Once again we find ourselves in a fast-moving situation but we will continue to do all we can to make sure residents, businesses and communities are supported. We’re working hard to respond to the latest changes and will continue to deliver our services in a safe, calm and considered way. This is how we can best support people and businesses in our district.

“Our work to support our community continues both in terms of our behind the scenes work and on the frontline too. We are also working hard to ensure businesses understand the latest restrictions and are aware of the new support that is available. We’re waiting for detailed guidance from the Government about how many of the new funding and support schemes should be administered and are working hard to get this information to the businesses that need it.

“We continue to share information through our website, by telephone or email and through our social media channels too in order to keep everyone up to date.

“The way our staff, communities and businesses have come together during this pandemic has demonstrated the very best of our district at a really difficult time. The vaccine roll-out is a light at the end of this lockdown tunnel and I know we will pull together to get through this difficult time.”