Planning considerations

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Why is the planning system important?
England’s planning system shapes new development all over the
country, making sure it’s positive for people, the economy and
the environment.
The system exists to ensure that development is in the public
interest, weighing up its economic, environmental and social
benefits and drawbacks. It plays a key role in making sure
the places where we live and work are attractive, vibrant and
well designed.
The planning system can make sure that development supports
regeneration which meets the needs of local communities. It can
support the development of affordable housing. It can make sure
that new development in historic areas takes into account its
surroundings. And it can prevent development where it would
cause unacceptable environmental damage.
Most significant development in England
needs planning permission from a local
planning authority to go ahead. The first
stage of this usually involves the person
or organisation that wants to carry out
the development submitting a planning
application. Around 500,000 planning
applications are submitted every year.
The planning system aims to ensure that
all views on new development are taken
into account. Members of the public
are entitled to see and comment on all
planning applications. This is your chance
to press for planning decisions that are
positive for your local community.