Village Design Statement

Village Design Statement



A Village Design Statement is a planning document intended to give advice and guidance to anyone who is considering any form of development in the village no matter how large or small. It sets out the elements that make up local character in order to improve the quality of design in any new development. It covers relatively straightforward work such as replacing doors and windows as well as more significant work such as building extensions and new buildings.


To provide a record of local distinctiveness by

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describing the unique qualities and character
of the village.
To identify the key features and
characteristics of the local natural and built
environment to be respected and protected
from the impact of inappropriate development.
To provide design guidance for new
development so that change is managed and
development is in harmony with its setting.
To achieve a higher standard of sustainable
design and where possible to enhance the
local environment.
To increase the involvement and influence of
the local community in the planning system.

Cawood Parish Council