Garth and Gill Green

Garth and Gill Green

The Garth is owned and managed by the Parish Council on behalf of the village.  Councillors Luker, Lloyd and Horsfield are Garth Wardens; please contact them if you are aware of any issues. It is subject to restrictions regarding the pond which is the habitat of the protected species, the Great Crested Newt.

The pond has several picnic tables around it for public use and a viewing platform to look more closely at the inhabitants but, please, no pond dipping. A lifebelt is available for emergencies.

High water tables over recent years have stopped work on clearing pond mace in the winter when we are legally allowed to work in the pond


We have had some large Willows coppiced and made log piles for wildlife.

In 2021 a snowdrop walk was created as a community project when contributions of snowdrops in the green were planted along the footpath. 75 additional clumps were planted in 2022.

The Garth is within the Conservation Area and its rich archaeological heritage involves English Heritage regulation. It and Gill Green are classed as Scheduled Monuments.

Scheduled monuments
Scheduled monuments (known previously as scheduled ancient
monuments) are designated 3
at national level and consents are
administered nationally too, by Historic England. Scheduling
is a stronger and less flexible form of protection than listing.
Virtually all works to scheduled monuments need consent. The
impact of development on a scheduled monument or its setting
would be a material consideration in planning decisions.

What remains of the Castle is grade 1 listed. It and land to the front is owned and managed by Landmark Trust.

with thanks to Edward Croot

In summer, the Parish Council pay to have the grass cut and cleared. This is used for animal fodder so we urge residents to please clear up after their dogs.

Sheep graze through several months of the year, when electric fences are employed.


Map of Garth for maintenence (1)

The older children at Cawood School act as Guardians of the Garth and Gill Green . They help clear vegetation, pick up litter, paint signage, paint the footbridge and make insect, bird and animal shelters.

‘I enjoyed stuffing the bug hotel and taking down the ivy, even though I was a bit scared!’ Harriet
‘I love being part of the Guardians because I get to help the community which makes me feel better in myself.’ Isobel

They have created a Nature Trail which has 8 etched slate plaques to make rubbings. The map has nature notes on the back. Download the trail map here.

Garth trail

Looking forward, we hope to encourage the children to sow wild flower seeds under the Lime tree. We are also investigating creating a dead hedge under the Lime tree. The picnic tables will be painted to create friendship tables and hopefully bird nesting boxes can be made and erected in future. We are trying to establish an partnership with a local college to help us go forward with looking after the land and wildlife. As part of the Jubilee commemorations, we are creating a Deed of Dedication with Fields in Trust.

Cawood Parish Council