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Bardsey I hope you find the following quotation of £3200 plus vat acceptable



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1. Trees 4,5 & 6 (marked on trees – see pictures) to be coppiced to approx. 2 foot above ground level. All brash chipped and removed, all logs removed from site. Also to remove the overhanging branch on T3 – £600.00

2. Trees 1, 2 & 3 (unmarked trees – see pictures, to side of marked trees) to be coppiced to approx. 2 foot above ground level. All brash chipped and removed, all logs removed from site – £600.00

3. As above, but all 6 trees undertaken in one job rather than two separate jobs – £1200.00

James Fenton

Branches Out Tree Surgeons

Tel. 01757248792 / 07763026252

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Permission:  2020-1280-TCA Nod

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