Hedgehog Awareness Week 2021


Jan 20th:

With heavy rain due today and tomorrow, anyone whose garden floods in places, please move hedgehog houses and keep an eye out for wet hoggies. They don’t wake up automatically even in a flood. Moving boxes now won’t wake up any hibernating hogs. They can swim just fine, but if hibernating somewhere that floods, they might drown because they don’t have a mechanism for coming out of hibernation quickly.Please keep your eyes open for hedgehogs needing help. They are still about in this relatively mild weather. With flooding expected, if your garden floods please move hedgehog houses to a high point in your garden. Hedgehogs can not wake up quickly to swim away if they are in hibernation, it can take 20 minutes or longer and takes a lot! of energy. So please keep putting food out. They can hibernate under fallen trees, under sheds, in wood piles and in fact any other undisturbed space they fee safe in. Many hedgehogs die during hibernation because they are unwell or their chosen site isn’t suitable, so please take care over this period. Stillingfleet Hedgehog Rescue is running normally and following covid-19 protocol with mask and distancing so please don’t hesitate to contact.

Update Nov 20th

This is to let people know I am now full. I am about to admit another juvenile out in middle of day. I also have to take into consideration siblings may be found of ones I already have in. So I am sorry I am temporarily closed to new admissions for now. Please look on Yorkshirehedgehogs.co.uk OR Britishhedgehogs.org.uk for a list of rescuers nearest to you that have spaces available. 2nd: You can also make contact with your local vets who accept hedgehogs.
1st: On seeing a hedgehog that needs help please place in a high sided box. Give heat by using a hot water bottle, wheat bag or just a bottle with a firm top, all of these must be wrapped in a towel so not to burn the hedgehog. Please allow enough space in the box for the hedgehog to be able to move away from the heat if it needs to. Place a shallow dish of water and also a shallow dish of cat biscuits, wet cat or dog food into the box. place a light cloth such as a tea towel or hand towel over the hedgehog so it can hide and not feel exposed and threatened. Position the box in a quiet space away from pets and young children. THEN, ring round to find your nearest rescue that can take it in, as detailed above.

Hedgehog Friendly Cawood is a community initiative open to all age groups.

A group (Cawood Prickles) is being developed to create and organise activities that will support the survival of a healthy hedgehog population for future generations. The activities can be by an individual or family in their own garden to maintain hedgehog highways and ensure habitat.

Hedgehog highways are gaps in fencing to allow the hedgehogs to forage for food in a much larger area; barriers between gardens are one of the main problems preventing hedgehogs finding enough natural food to eat.

The group will also carry knowledge gained from its local hedgehog rescue “Stillingfleet Hedgehog Rescue” to the wider community of Cawood. The group has a direct relationship with the local rescuer who will deliver talks and support with injured or unwell hedgehogs found in Cawood. The project is slower getting off the ground due to Covid-19 which, prior to “lockdown”, limited the number of people at each meeting to five plus the rescuer.

The vision is for a positive and engaged attitude to hedgehogs throughout the village and celebrating their existence through activities that highlight Cawood as a hedgehog friendly village.

Watch out for the Newsletter which will soon be ready – on facebook and hardcopy for those who don’t use facebook. This will give information about hedgehogs and contact details for everyone who would like to get involved.



& Kathleen Lloyd Bradford  posted

meetings for Hedgehog Friendly Cawood to pull a group together is on hold until lockdown has finished. I will try do some meetings before xmas. In the meantime if you see any hedgehogs out between 8.30am and 4.30pm you can contact me on 07935 799058. This is strictly for Cawood residents only.