No training or experience is needed to use them



Old Boys’ School

There are now 3 defibrillators in Cawood.

  • They are located on the wall of the Old Boys’ School on Old Boys’ School Lane off Rythergate
  • on the wall of the Castle Inn on Wistowgate
  • at the Playing Fields.

The newest defibillator is on the side of the container in the car park adjoining the tennis courts. Should further help be needed, request a first responder if the access barrier is locked.

The Parish Council and Playing Field Liaison Committee are grateful to  Cllr John Cattanach for a Selby District Council Grant contribution towards the purchase of the new defibrillator.







Both original defibrillators were dedicated on installation as a commemoration of the centenary of the First World War

new defib at playing fields


Cawood Parish Council