Parish Transport Initiative

Parish Transport Initiative

The Parish Transport Initiative has involved a Parish Council commitment to underwrite a share of  costs sustained to enable a Saturday night and Sunday service to run.  Arriva have taken over the weekday service, subsidised by N.Y.C.C., as well as the P.T.I. service amalgamating them both into the 42.

In a partnership brokered by District Councillor Jonh Cattanach, between N.Y.C.C. councillors, S.D.C., Selby Town Council, Naburn Lock Caravan Park, a York City Councillor  and all the P.C.s along the route, Cawood Parish Council has joined in an agreement to run the service, which is non profit making.

Facilities for contactless payments are available on Arriva buses.

Concessionary bus pass holders’ journeys contribute 97p per journey to the initiative without costing them anything.

Friends of the 42 have their own Face Book page 

Sadly until further notice the PTI bus service is not able to run during the current pandemic