Garth Nature Trail, map

Garth Nature Trail, map

Garth trail

many thanks to Ben Arblaster for his help in creating a QR code for our nature trail map enabling visitors to access a map on the go

Our Guardians of the Garth and Gill Green have worked with the Parish Council to produce a Nature Trail to follow through the Garth.

The Council gave the children in Mrs Walker’s class £200 to spend on etched slate rubbing plaques which the children selected. They also decided on their locations to make a safe, accessible trail  and our Handyman, Martin, then fixed them in place.


We now have a map to follow, which the Reception Class children have trialled for us. The map can be downloaded here and there are also nature notes from the Guardians on the back of the map about the plants and wildlife in the rubbings.

The plaques make beautiful rubbings so make sure you take paper and wax crayon or soft pencil along to make your rubbings.

Many thanks to Mrs Walker and her class who have worked so hard looking after the Garth as well as creating our Nature Trail.

Green Tree Icons Participation Certificate (1)

All the plaques are on the gallery page

Cawood Parish Council