Flood alert in force now update Friday 22 January 2021

Flood alert in force now

Tidal River Ouse from Naburn Lock to Selby

Flooding is possible – be prepared

The flood alert for the Tidal River Ouse from Naburn Lock to Selby remains in force due to high river levels. The level at York Viking recorder is 4.6m and is rising slowly, and expected to peak at up to 4.7m later today, 2201/21. The Ouse level at Naburn is 3.9m and will remain high through Friday. No further significant rainfall is expected in the next 24 hours. Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and do not drive through flood water. Please see the GOV.UK website for a 5 day flood forecast. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update this message on Friday evening, or as the situation changes.

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Welcome to our new Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Cawood Parish Council are delighted to introduce our new Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Susie Gowlett, who started working for us on January 4th 2021.

Initially, Susie’s hours will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings (1930-2130), and Fridays (0900-1300)

She has a new phone for council use, the number is 07541 434569

and her email address is cawood.pclerk@gmail.com

Susie grew up in Cawood and lives in the village with her family.


SDC Planning Consultations: individual letters to neighbours will no longer be sent out.

From January 1st 2021,  a notable difference to planning consultations will be that whilst Selby District Council  will continue to put up site notices to notify local people about planning applications, individual letters to neighbours will no longer be sent out.

This change will be reviewed in six months.


New changes to Consultations

The Council adopted a new Statement of Community Involvement at Full Council in September and this will be implemented from 1st January 2021.

A full copy of the document can be seen at  https://www.selby.gov.uk/statement-community-involvement-sci


SDC support in lockdown

Detailed service information, as well as information about the support for businesses and residents in the district is available on www.selby.gov.uk.

Selby and Tadcaster Leisure Centres and Summit Indoor Adventure are closed.

Waste and recycling collections continue as normal.

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister, Selby District Council is reassuring residents and businesses that it will continue to support local communities after further national restrictions were introduced.

Leader of Selby District Council, Cllr Mark Crane, said, “We’re seeing an alarming rise in cases across the country and that situation is mirrored here in the Selby district. We must all remember to follow the advice to wear face coverings, wash our hands and follow social distancing advice.

“Once again we find ourselves in a fast-moving situation but we will continue to do all we can to make sure residents, businesses and communities are supported. We’re working hard to respond to the latest changes and will continue to deliver our services in a safe, calm and considered way. This is how we can best support people and businesses in our district.

“Our work to support our community continues both in terms of our behind the scenes work and on the frontline too. We are also working hard to ensure businesses understand the latest restrictions and are aware of the new support that is available. We’re waiting for detailed guidance from the Government about how many of the new funding and support schemes should be administered and are working hard to get this information to the businesses that need it.

“We continue to share information through our website, by telephone or email and through our social media channels too in order to keep everyone up to date.

“The way our staff, communities and businesses have come together during this pandemic has demonstrated the very best of our district at a really difficult time. The vaccine roll-out is a light at the end of this lockdown tunnel and I know we will pull together to get through this difficult time.”

Old Road

The verge along Old Road has been lovingly planted and tended for years by a local resident, but sadly someone has decided to decimate this beautiful shrub, leaving all the cut branches for someone else to clear. Please just ask the Parish Council next time if you think the vegetation needs cutting back.

Hedgehog Friendly Cawood

Jan 20th:

With heavy rain due today and tomorrow, anyone whose garden floods in places, please move hedgehog houses and keep an eye out for wet hoggies. They don’t wake up automatically even in a flood. Moving boxes now won’t wake up any hibernating hogs. They can swim just fine, but if hibernating somewhere that floods, they might drown because they don’t have a mechanism for coming out of hibernation quickly.Please keep your eyes open for hedgehogs needing help. They are still about in this relatively mild weather. With flooding expected, if your garden floods please move hedgehog houses to a high point in your garden. Hedgehogs can not wake up quickly to swim away if they are in hibernation, it can take 20 minutes or longer and takes a lot! of energy. So please keep putting food out. They can hibernate under fallen trees, under sheds, in wood piles and in fact any other undisturbed space they fee safe in. Many hedgehogs die during hibernation because they are unwell or their chosen site isn’t suitable, so please take care over this period. Stillingfleet Hedgehog Rescue is running normally and following covid-19 protocol with mask and distancing so please don’t hesitate to contact.

Update Nov 20th

This is to let people know I am now full. I am about to admit another juvenile out in middle of day. I also have to take into consideration siblings may be found of ones I already have in. So I am sorry I am temporarily closed to new admissions for now. Please look on Yorkshirehedgehogs.co.uk OR Britishhedgehogs.org.uk for a list of rescuers nearest to you that have spaces available. 2nd: You can also make contact with your local vets who accept hedgehogs.
1st: On seeing a hedgehog that needs help please place in a high sided box. Give heat by using a hot water bottle, wheat bag or just a bottle with a firm top, all of these must be wrapped in a towel so not to burn the hedgehog. Please allow enough space in the box for the hedgehog to be able to move away from the heat if it needs to. Place a shallow dish of water and also a shallow dish of cat biscuits, wet cat or dog food into the box. place a light cloth such as a tea towel or hand towel over the hedgehog so it can hide and not feel exposed and threatened. Position the box in a quiet space away from pets and young children. THEN, ring round to find your nearest rescue that can take it in, as detailed above.

Hedgehog Friendly Cawood is a community initiative open to all age groups.

A group (Cawood Prickles) is being developed to create and organise activities that will support the survival of a healthy hedgehog population for future generations. The activities can be by an individual or family in their own garden to maintain hedgehog highways and ensure habitat.

Hedgehog highways are gaps in fencing to allow the hedgehogs to forage for food in a much larger area; barriers between gardens are one of the main problems preventing hedgehogs finding enough natural food to eat.

The group will also carry knowledge gained from its local hedgehog rescue “Stillingfleet Hedgehog Rescue” to the wider community of Cawood. The group has a direct relationship with the local rescuer who will deliver talks and support with injured or unwell hedgehogs found in Cawood. The project is slower getting off the ground due to Covid-19 which, prior to “lockdown”, limited the number of people at each meeting to five plus the rescuer.

The vision is for a positive and engaged attitude to hedgehogs throughout the village and celebrating their existence through activities that highlight Cawood as a hedgehog friendly village.

Watch out for the Newsletter which will soon be ready – on facebook and hardcopy for those who don’t use facebook. This will give information about hedgehogs and contact details for everyone who would like to get involved.



& Kathleen Lloyd Bradford  posted

meetings for Hedgehog Friendly Cawood to pull a group together is on hold until lockdown has finished. I will try do some meetings before xmas. In the meantime if you see any hedgehogs out between 8.30am and 4.30pm you can contact me on 07935 799058. This is strictly for Cawood residents only.

Cawood’s Parish Clerk, Robina Burton, says goodbye after 30 years

Cawood’s parish clerk, Robina Burton, pictured with her husband, Cliff and their
dog, Max, is saying goodbye after 30 years. Robina, who has three children,
Emma, Peter and Pippa and three grandchildren, Ivy, Harry and Naomi, lives away
from the village, but feels part of the community that she has served for the past
three decades.

She has worked with 11 chairmen and numerous councillors who called on her for
help with village projects and administration. She’s typed up hundreds of
thousands of words and in the early days as clerk Robina produced minutes and
other important documents using an old typewriter and carbon paper to create
many copies. She would then deliver them to councillors throughout the village in
time for the monthly meetings. Alongside these regular council gatherings Robina
attended site meetings within the village with the local MP, footpath officers,
planning officers and tree experts and North Yorkshire CC to discuss new
proposals and matters of concern.

Working with representatives of different organisations Robina built up friends and
contacts along the way. She is well known to many people in Cawood who have
met her over the years and villagers will have not realised what she’s done for the
village during her time as clerk.

Robina has witnessed Cawood evolve over her 30 years of service and sees the
village as a lovely place. Robina involved herself in village life outside her role of
clerk. She enjoyed quizzes at the village’s three pubs and the annual fireworks
display and New Year’s Day parish walk are always events to look forward to. She
helped at the annual Cawood Craft Festival and is sad over its demise.
Robina has enjoyed her job as Clerk of the Parish Council and has always felt at
home in Cawood but after 30 years she feels it’s time to say goodbye.

Cawood would like to say a huge thank you to Robina for her 30 years and please don’t be
a stranger.

With money collected, Robina was presented with a new laptop, as a token of thanks for all she has done on behalf of the village, as well as a bouquet of flowers and a celebratory cake.