Still available for adoption: Cawood Grows Together

Thank you!!

We’ve had an amazing response from villagers to our latest appeal, with loads of offers to look after beds, barrels and planters.

We still have some beds and planters looking for someone to adopt them. Your commitment is only for a year, so do please consider getting together as a family group, friends, neighbours, organisation or simply an individual to help us out and nurture a small patch or container needing some tlc.

Cawood Grows Together Adopted Vacant (5) 

Shout out for help: Cawood Grows Together

Cawood Parish Council are looking for enthusiastic villagers to help tend the barrels around the village, planters at the entrances to the village and on the Foreshore and the beds there too.  

Check out what’s available.

Cawood Grows Together Adopted Vacant (5)

Download and fill in this agreement then send to

Agreement doc Cawood grows together (1) (Lesley Dennon)

We’re looking for volunteers to take on the care of a barrel, planter etc making a commitment for one year, starting in April, which could entail watering, weeding, pruning, dead heading and generally keeping the plants happy and tidy.  

We’re trying to be sustainable in our approach, so won’t be using bedding plants. Perennials, bulbs and herbs are what we’re aiming for and so some planting may be needed initially too.  


Can you help look after our tubs & beds:

You can volunteer as a group of friends, neighbours, family or individually


Do you have any spare plants:



New signs for our Garth hand painted especially by the Guardians of the Garth & Gill Green

A huge thank you yet again to Mrs Walker who works tirelessly to give her class opportunities to tackle their Leadership Award by caring for our lovely Garth and Gill Green.

Last year’s project has now come to fruition with the production of some beautifully painted signs which we’ve placed strategically around the Garth. The children have decided what the signage should say and created their own designs. There are 10 signs to find. Well done everyone!

The log rounds have been very kindly supplied by Steve Sherwood: many thanks Steve.

see our gallery for loads more pics

Local Government Reorganisation consultation ends April 19th

Local Government Reorganisation creating a Unitary Authority

The Local Government Minister will soon decide on proposals to reorganise the structure of Local Government in this area.
In all likelihood, it will mean that after May 2023 one Unitary Council will provide the all the services which are currently provided by Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

If you haven’t already done so, you have until 19th April to reply to the consultation on the two competing proposals here:…/northyorkshire/

The implications of this change are huge for our area, so it is important that you consider the proposals closely and reply to the consultation.
North Yorkshire Unitarisation - Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Citizen Space - Citizen Space
North Yorkshire Unitarisation 

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner message about speeding on Bishopdyke Rd.

North Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are currently investigating a speed concern
specifically for Bishopdyke Road through their Speed Management Protocol, which is the
process they use to understand a speeding problem within our county. This involves the Fire and
Rescue Service installing speed monitoring equipment by the roadside for a week, which gathers
data on the speed and volume of traffic in a specific location.

Unfortunately, this has been delayed because of the recent lockdown restrictions. Due to roads
being quieter during lockdown any data taken now would provide an inaccurate understanding of
the speeds in that location. Therefore, in order to provide the most suitable outcome from the
Speed Management Protocol process, it was agreed that the monitoring would wait until
lockdown restrictions were eased.

Once, they are able, the equipment will be deployed, and the data analysed. Once the analysis has
been done, the police and County Council will then together consider what options might be
available to address local concerns.

I hope this will reassure the council and the community that North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic
Bureau Team, who are the direct point of contact for the Speed Management Protocol, will
continue investigating the speeding concern raised in the village.

Going forward, if the Parish Council is made aware of future speeding concerns for Cawood, I
would encourage directing anyone in the community to the North Yorkshire Police website and
fill out an online Speed Concern Form which will go straight to the Traffic Bureau Team via the
following link:

Additionally, should any members of the Cawood community wish to be kept updated on
progress for the current investigation for Bishopdyke Road, please contact the team directly on
the following e-mail address using the reference number below:
• Speed Concerns:
• Reference Number: SE2011990

I hope this is helpful for you to share with the community, and if there is anything else at all I can
help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,
Julia Mulligan
North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

Play Area: new fun for our little folk

Very excited to see some of the willow from the Garth re-purposed to enhance play for our younger children:

our very talented and hardworking Handyman, Martin Bates, has worked his magic . . .

“Stepping stones” or seating for a storytelling group

And the Cawood fairies are joining in too

In the Play Area we’ve also now got some logs to sit on or to scramble over

Cawood Grows Together: Do you have any snowdrops you can spare and share please?

Cawood Grows Together:

Do you have any snowdrops you can spare and share please?

The Parish Council invite anyone who has any clumps of snowdrops they are splitting to plant them now while they are in the green. The location is in the Garth, but, please, only under the hedge adjoining the school that runs alongside the tarmac path, from Sherburn Street to Broad Lane. To keep Covid safe, be family planters or go solo with your special donation: thank you!

Snowdrops should be divided every third year. They will naturalise over time.

Flowers on snowdrops may last a month or two in late winter to early spring. Their strappy green leaves persist after the blooms have faded and dropped. As soon as the blooms are finished, it is time to dig up the bulbs. This allows you to divide and plant nice moist bulbs, which will still have foliage to provide solar energy and is stored for the next season.

Eventually, the foliage will yellow and die back but in the meantime it can harvest sunlight and turn it into carbohydrates or plant sugars to save inside the bulb. This will guarantee a bumper crop of blooms the next season. While the leaves are still vigorous, dig around the clump and under the bulbs.

Plant them at the level they were previously growing. You can tell where that is by finding the white area at the neck which was previously under soil. Back fill the hole and around the bulbs, compacting lightly. Water the plants immediately.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Snowdrops Bulbs: What Is “In The Green”

North Yorkshire Police: local arrests of suspected drug dealers

Off-road pursuit ends in arrests of suspected drug dealers

Yesterday, as part of a pre-planned drugs operation at Cawood near Selby, a suspect vehicle failed to stop for our officers and then made off across nearby fields.
Acting quickly, we pursued the vehicle off-road and soon brought it to a stop. The driver and passenger then abandoned their vehicle and tried to run away on foot but were swiftly caught.
The two occupants of the car, a 50 year-old Doncaster man and a 50 year-old Cawood man were both arrested on suspicion of money laundering and conspiracy to supply class A drugs.
Following the arrests, our officers undertook a search of a nearby farm where a 49 year-old Cawood woman was also arrested on suspicion of money
laundering and conspiracy to supply class A drugs.
Our extensive searches recovered large quantities of class A drugs which have been seized and the investigation is ongoing.
The two men and woman remain in police custody.
Ref. 12210070555