Herbert Protocol for people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s

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Herbert Protocol for people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s

·      Do you have a loved one, or somebody you care for with Dementia?

·      Do you know what the Herbert Protocol is? If not, then please read on


The Herbert Protocol is an information gathering tool used for early intervention and to reduce the risk around vulnerable people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s who may be at risk of going missing.The information gathering tool consists of a form designed to make sure that if someone goes missing, the police can get access to important information about that person as soon as possible. If a loved one or somebody you care for goes missing, it can be deeply distressing and upsetting for family and friends. Being asked by a police officer to recall lots of detailed information can add to this stress, and therefore the process is designed to remove some of the worry.

For more information and access to the Herbert Protocol form, please visit our website by clicking on this link:

You can also find out more information here:

Our aim is to keep your loved ones as safe as possible by working together with their families and carers  

Thank you


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