Some of our recent and up coming projects: at the Playing Fields

At the Playing Fields :

in addition to regular maintenance etc

  • Last Spring our skilled Handyman created toadstools and story telling circle/stepping stones from Willow we had coppiced in the Garth
  • The access road and perimeter fencing around the playing areas have recently been renewed, with the fence work being ably undertaken by our excellent Handyman, with in built bench seating on the cricket pitch side.
  • New signage has been erected.
  • We have infilled the hedge between us and Wolsey Grange with predominantly Hawthorn whips & Pyracantha
  • We have planted 3 beautiful Himalayan Birch trees in Playing Fields area to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and intend this Jubilee year to create Deeds of Dedication in partnership with Fields in Trust to safeguard in perpetuity the Playing Fields, Garth & Gill Green

Our next projects are to add an accessible picnic table and toddler picnic table. We are sowing grass seed near the “fairy glen” and developing it to be a part of Cawood’s fairy trail.  We shall be developing an adult gym area near the children’s play area and hope to add some more toddler play. We shall be making repairs to the perimeter fencing. We have requested a new Maypole Gardens sign from NYCC. to replace the broken one. Additional signage is needed at the skatepark. A third defibrillator for the village has been agreed and will be sited at the Pavilion.

Some of our other new and ongoing work around the village includes:

  • We have recently taken over the administration of the Cemetery
  • We continue to work with NYCC to ensure HGV road signage issues are tackled
  • We are working with NYCC & with NY Police to address speeding issues
  • We endeavour to embrace sustainable planting and community involvement through Cawood Grows Together
  • We are working on further community involvement projects, currently the Platinum Jubilee celebrations
  • We continue to tackle dog waste issues; we await delivery of a bin on Bishopdyke Rd. We are unable to add bins along lanes as SDC can’t empty them
Cawood Parish Council