Some of our recent and up coming projects: at the Garth

In addition to regular maintenance etc.

  • In 2021 a snowdrop walk was created as a community project when contributions of snowdrops in the green were planted along the footpath. 75 additional clumps were planted in 2022.
  • We have had some large Willows coppiced and made log piles for wildlife.
  • The children working as our Guardians of the Garth & Gill Green created a Nature Trail which has 8 etched slate plaques to make rubbings. The map has nature notes on the back and a QR code sign is planned

Looking forward, we hope to encourage the children to sow wild flower seeds under the Lime tree. We are also investigating creating a dead hedge under the Lime tree. The picnic tables will be painted to create friendship tables and hopefully bird nesting boxes can be made and erected in future. We are trying to establish an partnership with a local college to help us go forward with looking after the land and wildlife. As part of the Jubilee commemorations, we are creating a Deed of Dedication with Fields in Trust.


Some of our other new and ongoing work around the village includes:

  • We have recently taken over the administration of the Cemetery
  • We continue to work with NYCC to ensure HGV road signage issues are tackled
  • We are working with NYCC & with NY Police to address speeding issues
  • We endeavour to embrace sustainable planting and community involvement through Cawood Grows Together
  • We are working on further community involvement projects, currently the Platinum Jubilee celebrations
  • We continue to tackle dog waste issues; we await delivery of a bin on Bishopdyke Rd. We are unable to add bins along lanes as SDC can’t empty them
Cawood Parish Council