Jubillee Celebrations: Cawood making history June 2022

Jubilee jollifications:

Thank you:

  • Many thanks to Mike Cowling for doing an excellent quiz, to Kathy for hosting the event, to everyone who donated a grand array of raffle prizes, to all who supported the quiz and who also bought raffle tickets: we made £184
  • Rob Stoker raised an amazing donation of £110 doing pet portraits
  • The Co-op have very generously donated £100
  • Graham & Eddie Liddle for kindly filling the beacon for us so we could take part in the National Beacon lighting event and Gordon Pool for lighting it
  • Nick Payling for allowing use of the School Playing Fields and hall for our picnic, and thanks to Judith opening & locking up
  • DC Jointing for providing barriers to facilitate the rolling roadblock for the fancy dress parade: thank you Lisa & Larry!
  • Ulla Mercer made some splendid bunting during lock down she has kindly donated for village use
  • Our local Ukelele group for entertaining at the  Foreshore prior to beacon lighting
  • Stryder’s Budgie for generously moved their playing times at The Ferry, with Jono’s agreement, to fit in with this
  • stunning hand made thank you cards created especially for us by Megan & Rachel, Essie & Wren, Daisy & Amber, Sophia, Eddie & Claudia
  • marshals and organisers, stalwarts one and all
card made by Sophia


and the village for joining in, putting up bunting, enjoying music, parties, events and having a lovely community vibe

We are delighted to be able to donate £100 to The Friends of Cawood School for the purchase of books, as a thank you for the unexpected use of the hall which Mr Payling kindly agreed to when the weather took a turn for the worse

video by Ulla Mercer

and these beacon videos by Chloe Scarlett

Cawood Parish Council