HGV mayhem

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Extract from report (see above) sent to NYCC Nov 2019:

“potential solutions:

Placing signage before Long Lane and also Biggin Crossroads, both with instructions to turn right for access to the A19 and A63 and M62 to avoid the village and create an escape route, is an obvious must!

Most modern truck drivers use a HGV oriented satnav where you program your truck’s height and weight, the machine looks at the legal restrictions in place and it will pick what it believes is a suitable route. This, however, disregards the blue signs that say things like “Unsuitable for HGV’s” as this is just advice. For this reason, I believe we require a legally enforceable restriction.

If we had, for example, a “No HGVs over 7.5T Except for access” sign, this would not affect farm traffic, buses or local deliveries as it only applies to goods vehicles.

I believe this restriction should be in place from Long Lane to the cross roads.

This would avoid HGVs needing to turn in the village at all, as Thorpe Lane to Rythergate and Rythergate to Thorpe Lane would need “straight ahead only” signage.

It would stop trucks using Sherburn Street thus limiting potential damage to the ageing buildings fronting the street and narrow paths for pedestrians. It would also stop large vehicles from trying to avoid the imposed weight limit by attempting to use Chestnut Road if the restriction was placed at the mini roundabout.

If these restrictions were introduced with adequate signage, trucks would have to avoid the village; satnavs and maps would slowly be updated over time and eventually very few HGVs would even attempt to travel towards the village.”

pic from Cawood Folk: at long last (March 2022) NYCC have erected signage to try to address our issues, although it’s not what as specific as we requested: “No HGVs over 7.5T Except for access”

We are trying to log examples to illustrate the ongoing issues our village faces, so please keep taking pics!

Once NYCC installs appropriate signage then the police can enforce the measures.

below are reports from residents where no pics are available:

Date: 11/5/21        Time: Approx 06:25

Registration : OOO4 MCO

Black cab / white articulated trailer.
Date: 17/8/21
Time: 12:08
Firm: Unterer Logistics
Reg: Foreign plate –  no details.
Unterer is a logistic distribution firm from Austria.- the artic backed down Church Lane to “turn around” bringing traffic (both ways) to a standstill.
Date: 07/09/21
time 1400
Company: International Transport
Vehicle details: Blue Cab & articulated Trailer (White Text on the side of the trailer).
(from Cawood Folk)
The lorry that took the post out again was an A B Texel (www.buttergroup.eu), turned left from Sherburn St, sorry didn’t get reg.
Date: 04/10/21
Time: 1515
Reg: SM66 XUX
Cab: White
Trailer : Red
Date: 14/10/21
Articulated Lorry (Blue) : James S Hislop – Scottish Borders
Reg: SC19 XXZ
Time: 1620
To turn around the lorry attempted to use the mini-roundabout (Thorpe Lane / Broad Lane). As the turning circle of the lorry was not small enough it either reversed up Broad Lane or Wistowgate. I know this as I could hear the vehicle’s reversing “beeping”. The lorry reversed twice.

Date: Oct 18th 2021

FS Rentals, west Bromwich, 3pm,

DK17 KPZ went through lights towards bridge, had to be helped to reverse amid traffic mayhem all round at lights. Eventually reversed sufficiently to turn right towards Selby

In the evening the bollard was knocked down again Someone has a pic of a mammoet truck?? or Mackintosh lorry went down past Cawood Caravan park. around 7pm

Date: 19th Oct 2021

So two HGVs today have got to the mini-roundabout on Sherburn Street and decided to abort their mission. Number 1 around 12pm managed to do a 3 point turn on the roundabout. The other (pictured) decided to reverse up bishopdyke road so he could turn in Wolsey Avenue.
stopped the first HGV going any further than the mini roundabout at 12pm today. He asked the driver where he was heading and had he followed his satnav. Apparently he was heading for Church Fenton, and it was the official HGV satnav that he was following.
Perhaps some form of communication could be directed towards the people who update the HGV satnav to advise them they can’t follow this route. The driver said that he really didn’t take notice of the signage for the weight restriction of the bridge because he wasn’t going over it, there is no notification however of narrow roads and impossible turning at the crossroads. (taken from Cawood Folk)


Date: 19/10/21

Time: 17:58
Cab – White. Articulated Trailer – Red.
The vehicle went down Thorpe Lane and did not turn around. Therefore I assume it has gone via Wistow to Selby to get back to the A1 / M62.
Unfortunately I did not get the registration as it has not turned around. (resident)

Date: 19/10/21

Latest update, another doing a 3 point turn at the mini-roundabout at 10pm tonight, Sherburn St

Date: 20/10/21

extract from Cawood folk:
Like many I witnessed another artic having to u turn at the bishop dyke roundabout last week.. Not a pretty sight and must have been a nightmare for the poor unaware driver who we followed back to Sherburn depot.
Wasn’t made easier for him by the inconsiderate inpatient drivers who felt need to drive on pavenent to make their shortcut down chestnut road, behind him trying to reverse
 It happened first on Thursday(18th) – a haulage company and then again yesterday. I have photos. I spoke to the driver who was – just following the sat nav.
bollard removed altogether Nov 22nd.
Date: 23 / 12 / 21
Firm: Alan Davie, Forfar, Scotland
Turned around  – mini roundabout at Thorpe Lane / Broad Lane
Registration: ??18 PVR
Trailer & Cab – Yellow
Alternative bollards PC suggested to NYCC
Cawood Parish Council