HGV mayhem

Village-HGVS-28229 (1)

Extract from report (see above) sent to NYCC Nov 2019:

“potential solutions:

Placing signage before Long Lane and also Biggin Crossroads, both with instructions to turn right for access to the A19 and A63 and M62 to avoid the village and create an escape route, is an obvious must!

Most modern truck drivers use a HGV oriented satnav where you program your truck’s height and weight, the machine looks at the legal restrictions in place and it will pick what it believes is a suitable route. This, however, disregards the blue signs that say things like “Unsuitable for HGV’s” as this is just advice. For this reason, I believe we require a legally enforceable restriction.

If we had, for example, a “No HGVs over 7.5T Except for access” sign, this would not affect farm traffic, buses or local deliveries as it only applies to goods vehicles.

I believe this restriction should be in place from Long Lane to the cross roads.

This would avoid HGVs needing to turn in the village at all, as Thorpe Lane to Rythergate and Rythergate to Thorpe Lane would need “straight ahead only” signage.

It would stop trucks using Sherburn Street thus limiting potential damage to the ageing buildings fronting the street and narrow paths for pedestrians. It would also stop large vehicles from trying to avoid the imposed weight limit by attempting to use Chestnut Road if the restriction was placed at the mini roundabout.

If these restrictions were introduced with adequate signage, trucks would have to avoid the village; satnavs and maps would slowly be updated over time and eventually very few HGVs would even attempt to travel towards the village.”

We are trying to log examples to illustrate the ongoing issues our village faces, so please keep taking pics!

Once NYCC installs appropriate signage then the police can enforce the measures.

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Date: 11/5/21
Time: Approx 06:25
Registration : OOO4 MCO
Black cab / white articulated trailer.