Cawood Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of D Day June 6th 2024

Chairman’s address:

The breaking dawn 80 years ago saw the largest seaborne invasion in history begin.

Allied forces, spearheaded by the British, Canadians and Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy in what was the beginning of the “Longest Day” forever to be known as D Day, which launched the liberation of Europe and turned the tide of World War 11.

In humble gratitude and commemoration of their bravery and sacrifice, we gather tonight across the nation . . . under our beacon of light, we will remember them.





Our honoured guests in the lighting party: Royal Navy veteran Raymond Swann; retired Brigadier John McKeown; retired Squadron Leader Mike Verrill

John spoke on their behalf:

The Jolly Ukes played a medley of wartime songs with a singalong prior to the lighting and rounding off the proceedings later.


All Saints lay preacher Jean Huby read the nation’s tribute of remembrance and blessed all present.




The Tribute

Let us remember those who gave their lives at home and abroad during the D-Day landings, whose sacrifice enables us all to enjoy the peace and freedom we have today.

Let us remember those who came home wounded, physically and mentally, and the friends and family who cared for them.

Let us remember those who returned to restore their relationships and rebuild their working lives after years of conflict and turmoil.

Let us remember the families that lost husbands, wives, sons, daughters and sweethearts.

Let us remember the servicemen and women and merchant seafarers of all nationalities – from all countries – who fought, suffered and died during the D-Day landings and six years of war.

Let us all remember those in the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, Merchant Navy, and our Allies – the brave people who kept us safe on the home front and abroad and those in reserved occupations during the difficult time of war.

Let us remember the brave doctors and nurses who cared for the wounded, the men and women who toiled in the fields, the coal mines, the factories and the air raid wardens, police officers, firemen, ambulance drivers and the young people of the Scouts and Guides who all played such a vital role in the war.


(gallery pictures by Sarah McLoughlin, Suzanne Perkins, Lesley Dennon)

with our thanks to all who helped to make this occasion so special

Cawood Parish Council