The Parish Council has in its care several mature trees which are in need of regular maintenance to keep them healthy. In some cases, the trees may be past the point where they can safely be retained.

In recent years we have endeavoured to obtain regular professional advice from an arboriculturist and experienced tree surgeons.

We also have a duty of care with regard to the safety of the public. Whilst we have tree report recommendations, not every eventuality can be covered, so some decisions must be made in addition to the reports. Over the summer, some large branches have fallen at the Garth and Playing Fields.

When trees we own are in the Conservation Area or have Tree Preservation Orders then we must apply for permission to Selby District Council for treeworks. We also endeavour to respect the bird nesting period.

Currently, we are working on trees at the Playing Fields and later the Garth, Gill Green and Cemetery. This is the correct time of year to cut, coppice, fell etc. Our Handyman deals with most treeworks, but outside contractors will be coppicing the large willows at the Garth pond when the footpath will be closed temporarily for access.

Branches cut and left at the Garth are to encourage wildlife habitats, which we ask you to respect, but when left at the other sites, may be taken by residents.s