The pumping station at the Foreshore

April: the penstock has been repaired: many thanks to the intervention of Howard Ferguson & Nigel Adams

March 22nd 20222.

Correspondence from the Environment Agency:

Our field team have today successfully installed the drop bollard on the land adjacent to the Cawood pump station. Many thanks to the parish council for their support with allowing this to happen.

The next stage is for our staff to carry out testing of our contingency arrangements for this location. This is hoped to be carried out this Wednesday and as such you may see staff working to install and operate temporary pumping facilities. The test will run for a couple of hours to allow us to assess the functionality of the process and to make note of any required improvements that may need to be made.

We understand the Environment Agency will take over running and maintaining the pumping station on the Foreshore and repairing any pumps:

BDike Briefing note Feb 2022 draft

Cawood Parish Council