Shout out for help: Cawood Grows Together

Cawood Parish Council are looking for enthusiastic villagers to help tend the barrels around the village, planters at the entrances to the village and on the Foreshore and the beds there too.  

Check out what’s available.

Cawood Grows Together Adopted Vacant (6)

Download and fill in this agreement then send to

Agreement doc Cawood grows together (1) (Lesley Dennon)

We’re looking for volunteers to take on the care of a barrel, planter etc making a commitment for one year, starting in April, which could entail watering, weeding, pruning, dead heading and generally keeping the plants happy and tidy.  

We’re trying to be sustainable in our approach, so won’t be using bedding plants. Perennials, bulbs and herbs are what we’re aiming for and so some planting may be needed initially too.  


Can you help look after our tubs & beds:

You can volunteer as a group of friends, neighbours, family or individually


Do you have any spare plants:



Cawood Parish Council