North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner message about speeding on Bishopdyke Rd.

North Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are currently investigating a speed concern
specifically for Bishopdyke Road through their Speed Management Protocol, which is the
process they use to understand a speeding problem within our county. This involves the Fire and
Rescue Service installing speed monitoring equipment by the roadside for a week, which gathers
data on the speed and volume of traffic in a specific location.

Unfortunately, this has been delayed because of the recent lockdown restrictions. Due to roads
being quieter during lockdown any data taken now would provide an inaccurate understanding of
the speeds in that location. Therefore, in order to provide the most suitable outcome from the
Speed Management Protocol process, it was agreed that the monitoring would wait until
lockdown restrictions were eased.

Once, they are able, the equipment will be deployed, and the data analysed. Once the analysis has
been done, the police and County Council will then together consider what options might be
available to address local concerns.

I hope this will reassure the council and the community that North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic
Bureau Team, who are the direct point of contact for the Speed Management Protocol, will
continue investigating the speeding concern raised in the village.

Going forward, if the Parish Council is made aware of future speeding concerns for Cawood, I
would encourage directing anyone in the community to the North Yorkshire Police website and
fill out an online Speed Concern Form which will go straight to the Traffic Bureau Team via the
following link:

Additionally, should any members of the Cawood community wish to be kept updated on
progress for the current investigation for Bishopdyke Road, please contact the team directly on
the following e-mail address using the reference number below:
• Speed Concerns:
• Reference Number: SE2011990

I hope this is helpful for you to share with the community, and if there is anything else at all I can
help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,
Julia Mulligan
North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

Cawood Parish Council