Census Day – Sunday 21 March 2021
Census day is peeping over the horizon. Letters telling you about the census may
already have dropped on your doormat.
An advance card will explain that the census is taking place on Sunday, March 21. Every
household will then be sent a letter with a digital access code. This code will let you fill
out the questionnaire online.
This is a digital-first census. The hope is that most people will go online. You will be able
to complete the questionnaire on your tablet, smartphone or computer. This should not
be difficult, and everything has been made as straightforward as possible.
However, the census does realise that some people are not confident online or may not
have access to a computer. If this is the case, do not worry. You can request to have a
paper copy and fill the census in as you always have done in the past.
You can complete the questionnaire before, on or after March 21, but it is the law that
you do complete the census. Failure to do so risks a fine of £1,000.
Further help will be available by phoning the helplines going live soon and by visiting the
census website.
The information gathered by the census is vital for shaping so many aspects of our
society, including education, transport and healthcare.
Although Census 2021 will be familiar to anyone who has filled out a questionnaire in the
past, new questions have been added.
For the first time, the census will count armed forces veterans. This will allow the central
and local government to better understand the profiles and needs of the ex-military
community. This in turn will allow for stepped up services for veterans, with better data
and understanding allowing for more targeted and efficient support.
There are also new questions on sexual orientation and gender identity. These
questions are voluntary for people aged 16 and over.
There is no robust data available on gender identity. These data are needed by local
authorities and service providers to inform the provision of services. The sexual
orientation and gender identity questions will be voluntary for people aged 16 and over.
You can find more information at www.census.gov.uk.
Julian Cole| Census Engagement Manager for York, Ryedale and Scarborough | Office
for National Statistics | +44 (0)7452 942554 | julian.cole19@field.census.gov.uk |

  • The census
    is here
  • We’re making it easy
    for everyone to take part.
  • We will send you a letter
    with an access code.
  • Visit our secure website
    and enter your access
    code to get started.
  • If you can, offer help to family and friends
    who need support to fill in the form.
  • If you need help, visit
    www.census.gov.uk @Census2021