community herb planters

A very big thank you to Richard and Steve Sherwood for their generous donation of a half barrel trough to Cawood Grows Together.

We have put it at the pumping station at Church End and turned it into a Community herb planter. Once the herbs have established, enjoy a wee nip, they are all culinary.

enjoy golden marjoram, hyssop, thyme, golden sage, purple basil, rosemary, vietnamese coriander, caraway
look out for nasturtium seeds germinating: the leaves and flowers are peppery

At the roundabout we have also created a couple more herb planters and the planters at the traffic lights have some herbs in too (lemon balm, chives, lavender, feverfew)

sage, mint, rosemary, chives, oregano, celery leaf, parsley, lemon balm
borage, chives, rocket, parsley, fennel, feverfew

Cawood Parish Council