Cawood Grows Together:

Do you have any snowdrops you can spare and share please?

The Parish Council invite anyone who has any clumps of snowdrops they are splitting to plant them now while they are in the green. The location is in the Garth, but, please, only under the hedge adjoining the school that runs alongside the tarmac path, from Sherburn Street to Broad Lane. To keep Covid safe, be family planters or go solo with your special donation: thank you!

Snowdrops should be divided every third year. They will naturalise over time.

Flowers on snowdrops may last a month or two in late winter to early spring. Their strappy green leaves persist after the blooms have faded and dropped. As soon as the blooms are finished, it is time to dig up the bulbs. This allows you to divide and plant nice moist bulbs, which will still have foliage to provide solar energy and is stored for the next season.

Eventually, the foliage will yellow and die back but in the meantime it can harvest sunlight and turn it into carbohydrates or plant sugars to save inside the bulb. This will guarantee a bumper crop of blooms the next season. While the leaves are still vigorous, dig around the clump and under the bulbs.

Plant them at the level they were previously growing. You can tell where that is by finding the white area at the neck which was previously under soil. Back fill the hole and around the bulbs, compacting lightly. Water the plants immediately.

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